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The Harvest is still RIPE! Are you available ? Take the next step in growth process.  Grow is where you learn who we are, what we value, and how you can use your talents and abilities to make a difference in the Kingdom.

Who We Are

What We Value


Connect to Life Changer's Church  learning about our history, our mission, and meet church community.

Find your Purpose


Finding your place, your people and your purpose will lead to the greatest happiness in life.


Learn the core values of our church and how they connect to your personal values to advance the kingdom.

Get Plugged in


Learn what it means to serve and use your gifts and talents to advance the kingdom of God.

Are you ready to GROW?


Since 2009 our presence in Palm Bay, FL has been so strong -- our roots originated with the people. We continue to move forward in our calling: reaching the people, sharing the gospel, and saving souls.

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